The making of:



April 2021
Chubby Rig modeled by Billy Butler, rigged using AdvancedSkeleton
Responsible for: Animation in Autodesk Maya, cloth simulation in Blender
This was initially my final assignment for my ANIM 303 [3-D Character Animation: Performance Essentials] class at SCAD. We had to animate a character running through space. I chose one of the iconic Indonesian environments: the rooftop of the lower-class people's houses that scatter across the city of Jakarta. He is chasing an Indomie, an iconic Indonesian instant noodle brand (that is objectively loved by people of all ages all over the world), attached to a drone. Someone seems to be teasing him, luring the chubby character through quite an obstacle. I added little imperfections such as the stumbling and fixing the glasses bit to bring more life into this character. I submitted 'Chasing Indomie' in May 2020 for my class assignment. It was still looking like this:
I feel like this shot has more potential to it, and I would love to bring this a step further. I invited some of my friends and proposed the idea of making this into a fully textured, lit, and rendered short animation! And they're all on board :)
(Proper) Environment and Props Modeling
So we started with modeling the environment set and props, properly this time. As you can see, I didn't put much effort on the modeling bits in my earlier submission for the class assignment, because we are graded on the animation only. I did a quick modeling pass to roughly resemble the environment (rooftop scene) and the props (drone and indomie package). So, we upgraded our models and here are the things we came up with:
But the clothes can't be static! It just can't! It just so happen that I can do mediocre cloth simulation with Blender (I love exploring physics simulation in Blender, but not too proficient, but definitely gets excited by the process)
Stanley Soendoro
Shanon Widjaja
Ignatius Jonathan
Benita Amadea
Lauryn Vania Kurniawan
I'm very fortunate to have such talented artists being on board and helped to push my initial animation into a fully rendered scene.