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My name is Stanley Soendoro, and I am a 3D animator. I graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design!

I am from Indonesia and my passion is to tell stories through motion. I love sketching on paper, but static drawings seem to bore me a little; I seek to breathe life into the inanimate and inject them with personality.

(just a fancy way of saying I like to make things move)

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Collaborating with other people is something I always look forward to. I think it's really cool when a bunch of talented artists from various departments come together to make something so magical, and I wish to be a part of them. I am also excited to learn and experiment with new things! Infusing my culture into my work has always been a pleasure for me, too :)

When I'm not animating, I would be playing the guitar, or the drum, [spontaneously] traveling, [yolo] cooking, playing badminton, daydreaming, doing magic, or... planning my next animation project.

Oh, did you click 'pause'? Not to worry, the 'resume' is here!

about me
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