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October 2023
Bleu Rig by Lupin House,
Audio from "Rumor Has It"
Sound FX from Soundly

Responsible for: Animation in Autodesk Maya
This was my entry for the Lupin House's dialogue competition, and I am so grateful that it ended up winning first place! When I first heard about the competition, I was so excited to enter! Animating a dialogue scene has always been something I would like to improve on, so this was the perfect excuse to do so. It was even more fun because the character I got to animate was a bird - a cute little one, too! So I went to search for the dialogue, and finding a great one to animate to is not as easy as it may seem. After a while of browsing and a while of planning and thumbnail sketches, I decided to go with an audio from the movie Rumor Has It I found in ClipCafe.

The original context of the dialogue is between two people talking in an airplane mid-flight. I had fun translating this into the context of a bird being afraid to fly, which by nature doesn't quite add up. In the planning stage, I also explored ideas of having an elevator inside the tree to make the reveal funnier.
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