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January 2021
Claire Rig by Long Winter Studios
Responsible for: Animation in Autodesk Maya
I animated this for my ANIM 323 [3D Character Animation: Expressive Character Acting] class at SCAD. The assignment was to have a character walking from rest (or vice versa). I decided to make my character wake up from their sleep in the cinema because that's something that I've experienced before (and so do many other people). Though I never woke up after the movie has ended and everyone has left, I just thought it'd be funnier to push it to the extreme :)
Here's a quick progression reel:
I stole most of the timing from my video reference but had to tweak some of the spacing to give it a more animated-feel. However, I changed my mind to have my character female instead after shooting my reference because I want to play around with her messy hair and overlapping action! I think that'd be a fun little detail to add, as well as adding a little bit more of a secondary action of her fixing her hair at times when it blocks her view. And as always, I love sprinkling some prop/environment animation to the scene to tie up everything, like having some bits of popcorn falling down and sticking onto her shirt (because every time I stand up after a movie, I always have to clean some popcorn off my shirt).
The following is a more in-depth breakdown from my reference video to the final animation. I also show how I analyze my video reference and mark the frames that show the extremes and breakdown of the actions.
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