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August 2021
Yu Lon rig by CGTarian School
Vehicle rigs by Agora Community
Maya viewport VFX rigs by Shadrak Guichard-Foster
Responsible for: Animation in Autodesk Maya
This was my [debut] entry for AnimChallenge's August challenge with the theme: Car Chase! My piece got featured in the compilation video which was super exciting to me :') I was also very pleased to know that I won 2nd place in this challenge!

I had an incredible time working on this piece, from planning out my shots to watching car chase sequences from movies as references and inspirations, to finally executing everything! This piece didn't only mark my first time entering any sort of animation challenge, but also my first car chase scene and my first baby animation!! I learned a ton from this experience and am super proud of how it came together.

For this project, I learned the importance of the planning stage. It's so crucial to quickly try out different ideas, whether it is through thumbnail drawings (I did a few) or even just doing simple layouts in 3D with basic movements. I pictured it as if I was playing with actual toy cars, blocking their path, exactly like what the baby was doing at the end. Below is a quick glimpse into the 3D viewport of my early layout stage:
I also did a little drawover on the Maya viewport to plan the shot from the rearview mirror.
It's all then just a little compositing trick in After Effects. Here's a quick view of the setup, as well as little overview of the police car's siren lights in Maya:
And last but not least, video reference! It goes without saying that I did extensive research on car chase scenes from action movies before starting this project, as it provided me with some ideas here and there for cinematography and pacing. I also analyzed how babies play with their toys and tried to capture their nuances.
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