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April 2022
Mr. Buttons Rig by Keith Osborn, Boxx Rig by Jack Lai
Maya Viewport VFX Rig by Shadrak Guichard-Foster
Music and Sound FX by Lauryn Vania Kurniawan
Responsible for: Animation in Autodesk Maya
For one of my assignments in ANIM 423 [3D Character Animation: Believability and Nuance] class at SCAD, I was determined to tackle a cartoony shot. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to do so since my professor, Keith Osborn, is a genius when it comes to cartoony animation. He even wrote a book about it!! When I found out that Professor Osborn also created the Mr. Buttons Rig, I searched no further for the character of my cartoony shot. This was a super exciting yet challenging shot, and I learned a ton from it. I got to explore a lot of what makes a cartoony shot, well, cartoony. From exaggerated poses and timing, to using smears and multiples, I had a blast of fun animating this.

I decided to do thumbnail sketches instead of taking a video reference. When it comes to cartoony shots, I found that this approach is more liberating, especially when exploring the poses and snappy timing. Although as you can see, my initial idea has changed quite a bit, thanks to Professor Osborn and the rest of my classmates for their feedback and suggestions!
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