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April 2021
Chubby Rig modeled by Billy Butler, rigged using AdvancedSkeleton
Responsible for: Animation in Autodesk Maya, cloth simulation in Blender
Here's a quick progression reel for Chasing Indomie:
Chasing Indomie started out initially as my final assignment for ANIM 303 [3-D Character Animation: Performance Essentials] class at SCAD. We had to animate a character running through space. I chose one of the iconic Indonesian environments: the rooftop of the lower-class people's houses that scatter across the city of Jakarta. The chubby character is chasing a delicious packet of Indomie, the iconic Indonesian instant noodle brand that is arguably loved by people of all ages all over the world, that is attached to a drone. It seems that someone is teasing him, luring him through quite an obstacle. I added little imperfections to his movements such as the stumbling and fixing the glasses bits to bring more life into this character. Back in May 2020, I submitted Chasing Indomie for my class assignment while still looking like this:
I feel like this shot has more potential to it, and I would love to bring this a step further. I invited some of my friends and proposed the idea of making this into a fully textured, lit, and rendered short animation! And they're all on board :)

(Proper) Environment and Props Modeling
Though I've modeled the rough layout for the rooftop, it was far from creating a believable and immersive environment. The drone and the Indomie packet in my early playblast were also super rough block-outs. So, the first thing we did was to model the set and props properly this time, and here are the things we came up with:
I was in charge of modeling the antennas and the rest is a master collaboration between Shannon, Jonathan, and Benita. The element that caught my attention was the hanging clothes, which I just love that it captures the essence of the environment really well. BUT! The clothes can't be static! It just can't (as an animator I have the tendency to make stuff move oops). It just so happens that I can do mediocre cloth simulation with Blender :) I love exploring physics simulation in Blender and can easily get excited by the process. So, I did a little cloth simulation on the hanging clothes to give the environment more life! Shannon also went the extra mile and texture our chubby character!!
And here's a more in-depth breakdown of my animation process:
A big shoutout to my talented friends for the opportunity to collaborate! I'm very glad to see my crappy playblast transformed into an amazing fully rendered scene with music and sound! Here's the full credits list of our team:

Stanley Soendoro - Director, Animator, Simulation Artist (myself)

Shannon Widjaja - Environment Supervisor, Prop Modeler & Rigger, Look Development & Surfacing, Lighter

Ignatius Jonathan - Environment Modeler, Prop Surfacing Artist, Compositor

Benita Krisno - Environment Modeler

Lauryn Vania Kurniawan - Sound Designer

Chubby Character Rig modeled by Billy Butler, rigged using AdvancedSkeleton
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