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February 2019
Used book, cardboard, light
This altered book was an assignment for my  DSGN 102 [Design II: 3-D Form in Space] class at SCAD.
An altered book is a mixed media artwork that transform a book into something else, altering the appearance and meaning.
The idea behind my Cinema Book is that I would very much prefer watching a movie than reading a book. I'm never a fan of reading (though I tried to be). Visual imagery, however, interest me :)
Thumbnail sketches: 
My altered book will have some sort of zoetrope, an old animation toy, that acts as a projector. Once I knew I wanted to project a simple looping animation, I felt that it's only appropriate to use the renowned horse galloping from Eadweard Muybridge's photographic studies of motion. 
I also employed the laser-cut printer to create a vintage wallpaper pattern on the cover of the book, which will act as a wall. After some craftworks, I got myself a nice vintage TV sitting on a shelf.
The Illustrator file I set up for the laser-cutting process:
It took some problem solving and construction work to figure out the placement of the zoetrope, as well as the power bank and the light. This will then act as the projector, which results in the moving picture casted on the TV screen. After going through a bunch of trial-and-errors, my altered book project was finally done!
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