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July 2021
Malcolm Rig by AnimSchool
Audio from "Marriage Story" (2019)
Responsible for: Animation in Autodesk Maya
An animation exercise for my ANIM 383 [3D Character Animation: Performance Through Dialogue] class at SCAD. I wanted to try animating a dialogue shot with intense emotion. When I heard this clip from YouTube I immediately was hooked. It was a scene from "Marriage Story", and although I haven't watched the film back then, I was determined to animate it! Surely, it was really fun to play around with some exaggeration on his facial expressions and body movements!

Here's the animation breakdown:
As you can tell, I planned to have the girl character in the scene when I did my blocking. I thought it would be a nice interacting shot between the two, and animating a character from behind is a nice challenge on its own. Her overlapping earings would've been a real fun one to tackle! But due to time constraints, I only had time to focus on one character and I wanted the male to be the star of the performance, so I decided to have the girl off screen instead. I added a rose in a vase to ground the environment a little more, as well as some subtle animation when he slams the table. Some time after, I revisited this work and added a chair for the male to sit on and some sound fx of the table slam and chair animation.

Here is a more in-depth look at my process from analyzing reference to final:
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