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April 2020
Goon Rig by Kenny Roy
Responsible for: Animation and rendering in Autodesk Maya
Here is my best impression of a drunk person walking.
I wasn't drunk!
(or was I..?)
Here is the first pass in side, front, and 3/4 view. For my first pass, I really tried to follow my reference as close as possible. The biggest problem I encountered was that my reference is not a genuine drunk person walking, but rather myself acting like a drunk person. This results in some awkward movements, such as the left hand.
Also, I made the drunk man as if he was on a travelator (moving walkway), hence the continuous backwards movement when he's at rest.
Here is the final animation in side, front, and 3/4 view. My professor told me to make the drunk person stay in place when he's at rest instead of continuously moving back. I've also tweaked both the hands so they are more relaxed and loose, as well as varying the steps to be more inconsistent, more dragging, and clumsier.
I then experimented with the camera angle. I thought the Dutch angle would work well in creating a sense of unbalance and discomfort. The walk cycle animation also works better when viewed from this angle!
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