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Meet the (initial) Team

At the time I conversed with Andreas about creating a short film together, I was in the middle of another side project with a couple of friends from SCAD; Nathan Huseth and Amanda Jayapurna. I told them about Andreas' proposal and they are interested in helping out! So I created a group chat for the four of us and introduce them to one another. It was February 13th, 2020.


I genuinely thought we had a complete group with enough people to create a (really short) short film - Andreas will model and sculpt the main characters and assets, Nate will do the rigging and some asset modeling, I will deal with the animation, and Amanda will light and composite the final scenes! For a small project, that might work. But fate has a bigger plan for us, apparently!


Around that time, Amanda had also introduced me to two of her close friends at SCAD: Christian Rodriguez and Lorena Da Silva. It wasn't long until we asked them about their interest in joining our project, to which they said yes! So we invited them both into our 'untitled' WhatsApp group, and then Amanda brought her friend, Alyssa Lee, into the team a short time after.

So, as of the end of March 2020, our team members were:

(along with it is our initial roles)


- Stanley Soendoro: Lead Animator (myself)

- Amanda Jayapurna: Lead Lighting & Environment TD

- Andreas Smidt: Lead Character Modeling TD

- Christian Rodriguez: Lead Character Effects TD

- Lorena Da Silva: Lead Look Development TD

- Nathan Huseth: Lead Rigging TD, Environment Modeler

- Alyssa Lee: Character Designer, Concept Artist

team member_01.jpg

The first part introduction of our team

(posted in our Kaghati Instagram page)

It’s very humbling to know that I'll be working alongside these talented and creative people! Little did I know that our team will only grow bigger from here, but more on that in a later chapter :)

Chapter cover by Alyssa Lee

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