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Staying Organized: part II

One thing that we discussed quite later down the road was the role of the director. It was already a bit unconventional to start the pre-production stage without having someone in the director's seat. Eventually, we reached a point of realization that even though our team is quite small, the role of a director is crucial to any production scale. We needed someone to oversee the whole pipeline with the bigger picture in mind and a clear vision of where our short is heading in terms of visual style, color palette, tone, etc.

Everyone agreed and pointed out that Amanda and I should be the co-directors of this short since we came up with the original story concept. Plus, since we were the only two Indonesians in the team (at that time!), we were the ones who are most familiar with the cultural aspect. We both felt very fortunate that our team has given their trust to us for this important role. Neither of us had previous experience in directing something, so this is quite a big step for us both that we're excited to take on!

For us SCAD students, our Spring Quarter ended on May 28th, 2020. Up to that point in time, we’ve been juggling between our school assignments and this Kaghati project. It definitely wasn’t a walk in the park! But when Summer break started, Amanda and I were determined to be as organized as possible with our production flow. Here are some things we initiated:


  • We created a ‘Meeting Notes’ on Google Docs which is basically an agenda listing the things we need to talk about in each of our weekly meetings.​

  • We also came up with a ‘Homework Tab’ in our Google Sheets to assign ourselves weekly tasks to complete. This gives everyone the opportunity to set themselves achievable short-term-goals which would be easier to stick on to (we abandoned this 3 months after that and switched to Google Calendar *oops).​

Meeting Notes_02.jpg
Homework Tab.jpg

An extract of our Meeting Notes (left) and Homework Tab (right)

Christian also became our Pipeline Manager, as he has the most experience with the production of a short film at that time. He organized our production folder and explained how his team approached the pipeline in his previous films. I learned that being organized really pays off, and it feels so good to know we have things sorted out in place and everyone is on the same page. I’ll geek out more about organizing stuff in a later chapter!

So for Christian, Amanda, and I, our roles were upgraded to:

- Stanley Soendoro: Co-Director, Lead Animator

- Amanda Jayapurna: Co-Director, Lead Lighting & Environment TD

- Christian Rodriguez: Lead Character Effects TD, Pipeline Manager

Chapter cover by Alyssa Lee

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