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Meet the Team (again)

It’s weird to think how people can happen to meet at the right time. It was very out of the blue when Jessa Alfajardo, my senior from high school, reached out to me this one day. She was telling me about her music composer friend and gave me her contact in case I ever need someone to compose music for my animations. That person was Lauryn Vania Kurniawan, who ended up being our composer and sound designer for Kaghati!

It was July 8th, 2020 when I first contacted Lauryn with the idea of collaborating on our Kaghati project.

So, as of the end of March 2020, our team members were:

(along with it is our initial roles)


- Stanley Soendoro: Lead Animator (myself)

- Amanda Jayapurna: Lead Lighting & Environment TD

- Andreas Smidt: Lead Character Modeling TD

Instagram @smidt3dart

- Christian Rodriguez: Lead Character Effects TD

- Lorena Da Silva: Lead Look Development TD

- Nathan Huseth: Lead Rigging TD, Environment Modeler

- Alyssa Lee: Character Designer, Concept Artist

team member_01.jpg

The first part introduction of our team

(posted in our Kaghati Instagram page)

It’s very humbling to know that I'll be working alongside these talented and creative people! Little did I know that our team will only grow bigger from here, but more on that in a later chapter :)

Chapter cover by Alyssa Lee

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