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April 2020
Eleven Rig by Eleven Second Club Community
Responsible for: Animation and rendering in Autodesk Maya
An animation exercise for my ANIM 303 [3-D Character Animation: Performance Essentials] class at SCAD. The main task for this assignment was to animate a prop interaction. I tried animating a writing sequence as well on top of that, which has some room for improvement. I also try to imbue some comedy into my work to have that lighthearted feel.
Here's the progression reel for Love Letter from my blocking stage in steps to my final splined animation.
This breakdown shows how my video reference is merely a guide for my animation. It provides a believable and natural sense of timing for each action, which on top of that, I added subtle movements to my character to breathe more life and personality into him. I also added the cup-nudging bit to add imperfection to the character's action. This also helps to indicate the weight of the cup being light due to its empty state.
Through this assignment, I learned how to use parenting and constraints to animate a prop interaction sequence. I also understand the importance of having a clear context in which my character is in. By thinking about what he is writing and creating some little backstory in mind, I was able to create a believable character with a more fleshed-out personality.
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