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Pixar Quilt
An assignment for my VSFX 160 [Introduction to Visual Effects Programming] class at SCAD. I was really excited about this class because I've been wanting to learn 'coding' for a while. Taught by the amazing Professor Deborah Fowler, I can safely say it deepened my interest in the world of programming even more! While I wouldn't necessarily turn to a programming career path, I do feel the benefits of the skills I collected in this class learning Python. Being able to think critically, troubleshoot, and problem solve has been proven to be very helpful in my animation workflow.

In this very first assignment of the class, we were introduced to Turtle Graphics. It was a very fun and interesting playground to immerse myself in, creating digital drawings using lines of codes. We were to create 5 patterns that will be placed in a quilt-like structure. I can't help but draw some of my favorite Pixar characters! Here is a glimpse of each of my codes and how each character is being drawn, stroke by stroke.
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