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February 2023
Skaarj Rig by Perry Leijten
Maya Viewport VFX Rig by Shadrak Guichard-Foster
Sci Fi Corridor model by Bscgi from
Sound FX from Soundly and YouTube
Music: "Dark Sci-Fi Cyberpunk" by Stringer Bell
Responsible for: Animation in Autodesk Maya
This was my first time doing a fight scene animation with 2 characters! I've been always interested in animating a proper fight scene, so this AnimChallenge theme was the perfect opportunity. The choreography was pretty challenging but I had so much fun exploring how to achieve the cinematic look. Spent some time creating the shield, sound design, and 2D FX as well! Here are some behind the scenes that I recorded:
The video above reveals what the shot looks like from a different camera angle. I animated the whole thing in just one Maya file, so you can see how I needed to "cheat to camera" for a lot of things. The first was shifting the whole environment ever so slightly to get the desired composition (mainly where the vertical thin line of light in the background falls in frame, I always try to make it as if it's cinematically separating the two characters). I tried my best to blend the movement of the set with the camera movement so it wouldn't be noticeable. You can also see how I repositioned the characters when they're not in the shot, to prepare them for the next shot.
And in the above videos, you can see what my very first attempt to "sketch my shot in 3D" looks like. I'm not looking for the final camera movements and compositions - I'm more concerned with the pacing of the shots. There's also a behind-the-scenes look at how I approached making the shield! Overall, it was an awesome and fun project that I'm super proud of :)
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