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June 2023
Spooderman Rig by Rigs n things, Spider Rig by 
House Kitchen Set by Matthew Tovar, Sound FX from Soundly

Responsible for: Animation of the second shot in Autodesk Maya
A little collaboration with Christina Tjahjadi for AnimChallenge's June 2023 challenge with the theme "Spiderverse"! We had so much fun planning this shot, especially when we found out there's a Spooderman rig!! Below is our very rough thumbnail sketches:
This was around the time I had the opportunity to learn the layered workflow with Michal Makarewicz in his AnimC class. So instead of animating pose-to-pose, like I normally do, I implemented the layered technique to this shot. It was a great practice and I had fun learning this new workflow. Here's the early "blocking" stage of my shot, already in splined. As you can see, I didn't start with posing the whole body, but rather animating the COG first. I also hid the hands first so I can focus solely on the timing of the overall body movement.
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