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From the tiny little corner of my bedroom, Stanimate! studios was born. It is a page I created on Facebook and Instagram back in 2018 where I can share with other people the adventures of my animation journey. I also intend to make my audience be more appreciative of the art of moving pictures once they get a glimpse of behind-the-scenes.

I also produced some original content to push myself into understanding every aspect of the animation pipeline, from pre- to post-production. Here are the two series I created a while back:

I've also been wanting to share with the animation community the things that I've learned throughout my journey. I'm compiling all my resources, notes, as well as my workflow of animating shots into something I'd like to call "Animation Journal". Basically a collection of all my animation knowledge I've accumulated since 2014 when I first started learning 3D :)

Stay Tuned!

You are welcome to follow my Instagram account and like my Facebook page here!

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