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April 2020
Goon Rig by Kenny Roy
Ultimate Walker Rig by Ugur Ulvi Yetiskin

Responsible for: Animation and rendering in Autodesk Maya
An animation exercise for my ANIM 303 [3-D Character Animation: Performance Essentials] class at SCAD. The assignment was to animate a character walking through space and reacting to something. I also experimented with a more exaggerated and cartoony style to it :) This was my first time ever recording my own video reference and integrating it into my animation workflow, so do mind my amateur acting.
Here's a  quick progression reel just to show how I used my video reference as a guide for my animation.
The following is a breakdown of my whole progress, from the very rough layout to polished final animation. The layout stage was just to give me a basic idea of where the camera will be and where to place the characters. This was done before I took my video reference, which I started referring to in the later stages.
Here is the walk cycle I created for the beginning part when he enters the screen. I wanted the character to appear confident and brave-looking, so I tweaked the body proportions so he has a broader chest. I also used a video reference for this walk cycle as a guide.
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