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December 2021
Dude rig by Ahmed Shalaby
Street scene by Matthew Tovar, Car model from
Audio from "The Batman" teaser, Sound effects from Soundly
Responsible for: Animation and prop modeling in Autodesk Maya
This one is a very spontaneous take on "The Batman" teaser with Robert Pattinson's voice (and a little spin on it). I spent roughly 3-4 days: from having no idea at all to planning, finding models and rig, prop modeling, figuring out the composition and the punch line, etc. I shot a bunch of video references, but there were also lots of prompt decisions. Some didn't make the cut and most were improvised (especially the ending). I was going to animate Batman himself at first, but I thought this would be a fun twist (and mainly because I couldn't find any batman rig and didn't have time to modify one).

It was really nice and refreshing to do shorter exercises as I got to focus my attention more on specific areas; the facial animation in this case. Lip sync hasn't been my greatest strength and so I'm working on that!
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