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final film
November 2019
Responsible for all assets and animation
3D Modeling and animation in Autodesk Maya, 2D puppet animation in Adobe After Effects
This short film was created for my ANIM 190 [Survey of Animation: Professional Pathways] class at SCAD. The requirement is to combine 2D with 3D animation, through which we learn both production workflows.
Here is my brainstorming process for my story and concept:
Next, I sketched out the rough look for my environments and determine the color scheme:
Since I knew it's going to be a animated using puppet animation technique, I designed my characters accordingly which would ease the animation process:
Creating the storyboard is essential to the pipeline. It helps determine the camera angles and movement, as well as the staging of the characters:
After that, I placed the storyboard panels in a sequence, decide the timing of each frame, and add basic sound effects. In other words, I created the animatic:
And that concludes my pre-production process of A Hero's Lunch Break. Watch the final short film up here!
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